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The Royal Layaway Plan

Royalty Divine is now offering a Royal Layaway Plan  that allows all clients of Royalty Divine to purchase  their Bundles over the course of 60 Days. Layaway with Royalty Divine Requires you to make a down payment that will be deducted from the balance. Layaway cannot be combined with sales or discounts. Full payment of all orders must be completed within 60 days from the initial payment date. After 60 days, any funds paid will be voided and non-refundable. Once you start a layaway plan with us, refunds will not be issued under any circumstances. You are responsible for ensuring that you make all required payments. Your order will not be shipped until it has been paid in full.


*Layaway Terms*

Once You choose which payment plan works for you, you will then make your down payment of your balance (shipping will be included) via invoice from paypal. To place your layaway order email with the origin, length, and quantity of each bundle, along with your full name, email and shipping address as well as your phone number. Once we receive a payment on your order the remaining balance must be paid within 60 days of your initial payment date. Your order will be shipped once ALL payments are received. after 60 days, any funds paid will be voided and not refunded.


* Please understand that once the down payment is made, your order will not be shipped until it has been paid in full. Once the payment is made to start the Royal Layaway program, it will not be refunded to the client under any circumstances. This program may not be used in conjunction with any special, sale or discount opportunities.


Upon initial payment of your layaway order this confirms that you agree to the Royal Layaway Terms.


**In order to request the layaway option it must be atleast 2 bundles with the balance of $150 or more**


Layaway plan options:


2 Bundles - $20 Down Payment, $10 Weekly, $20 Bi-Weekly

3 Bundles - $25 Down Payment, $20 Weekly, $30 bi-weekly

4 Bundles or More - $35 Down payment, $20 Weekly, $35 Bi Weekly

Lace Closure and 3 or more Bundles - $40 Down Payment, $25 Weekly, $40 Bi- Weekly

Lace Frontal and 3 or more bundles - $45 down Payment $25 Weekly, $40 Bi-weekly



You can always pay more, however this is the minimum amount that must be paid BEFORE the 60 day Period ends

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