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Our Luxurious Goddess Of Rubies Collection is 10A 100% virgin human hair. At 3.5 ounces, very flowy and lightweight at the same time!, It lasts 2-3 years with proper maintenance. Can be bleached to Platinum Blonde #613. Has minimal shedding with no tangling. Comes in natural color black and a variety of patterns.

The Goddess of Rubies


    Ø You should wash the hair 1-2 times a month using the Organix renewing Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo and Conditioner or any sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. We highly recommend that you use organic shampoo and conditioner with this hair.

    Ø Only use cold water when rinsing out the conditioner, this will help the cuticles to close and the shine will stay on the wefts.

    Ø For Day to Day Maintenance.

    Ø Do not use a comb on the wefts use a paddle brush, always start from the bottom of the hair and work your way to the top. To keep the shine of the hair and to prevent dryness of the hair you can use Pure Argan oil, Design Essentials Silk Drops or you can use Design Essentials Reflections Spray also make sure you use a sulfate free leave-in conditioner once the hair becomes dry, only apply the leave in conditioner on the hair when wet or damp.

    Ø For curly hair use a wide tooth comb, you can also just simply run your fingers through the hair. Use a small spray bottle fill it with water and damp the curly hair, use Cantu Curling Custard and the Cantu Define and Shine or any other sulfate free curling lotion and let the hair air dry. Always damp the curly hair when maintaining it.

    Ø Also always seal your wefts before installing the hair, this will help minimize shedding.

    Ø Also, when it seems like the hair feels heave/rough or dry, do a quick shampoo then apply your conditioner and silicon mix onto the hair put on a shower cap and let it sit for 30mins or longer due to how heavy the hair feels and rinse out and let it air dry. We do not recommend you to use a hair dryer on the hair. Try not to use a lot of heat on the hair it’ll make the bundles last longer.

    Ø DO NOT SHAMPPOO YOUR HAIR TO MUCH BECAUSE IT CAN STRIP THE TEXTURE AND IT CAN MAKE THE HAIR VERY DRY< if the hair becomes dry in between washes, you can deep condition the hair by apply the condition as well as the silicon mix (recommended) put on a shower cap/grocery bag and let sit for an hour or two the time can even be less depending on how dry or dull the hair is.

    Ø Be sure to properly wrap your hair every night with a satin cap/scarf you can also use flexi rods for perfect curls. If you do use heat keep the heat low so you will not have dry ends.

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